Art for a Purpose

Midge Smith Fine Art Gallery

Where art and philanthropy come together

The board and staff of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society are thrilled to be the recipients of funding from a prescient local nonprofit that is raising money for other non-profits by selling donated art. As a nonprofit organization itself, ART FOR A PURPOSE accepts works of art directly from donors, sells the art, and then distributes proceeds of the sales directly to other charitable organizations.

If you have artwork hiding in a closet that you would like to donate, you may request that the Film Society (or any charity in the U.S.) be the recipient of the proceeds. You will receive acknowledgment of your gift at the time of donation (useful for tax purposes).

If you purchase art from the gallery, and if proceeds have not been designated for a specific organization, you may request the distribution of proceeds to the charitable organization of your choice (Rehoboth Beach Film Society, of course!).

Be inspired at ART FOR A PURPOSE in downtown Lewes, Delaware, and experience a unique approach to creative charitable giving.,

Located at: Ocean Atlantic Sotheby's Realty, 102 Savannah Road, Suite A, Lewes, DE, 19958
Tel 302.245.4528