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Pre-Festival Ticket Order Form

For Director and Producer Level Only

The user friendly, pre-Festival ticket order form can be accessed by clicking here. Once the film order is completed, click "Submit" and it will automatically be sent to the Film Society office. You will then receive an email from the Film Society asking for your credit card information for payment. Only MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Your credit card information must be received to proceed with processing the order. Once the order is completed, you will receive an email verification stating your order has been processed. Starting on October 20, if you don't receive verification within three business days, please contact us to make sure your order was processed.

This form can be used for in-person and US maill order as well. Simply click "print" instead of "Submit." Please note that in-person orders will be processed first.

Film Trailers

Click here to see previews and excerpts from full length films screening in this year's Film Festival. Not all Festival films are included.

Download the 2014 Festival Program

The 2014 Festival program can be downloaded by clicking here or on the image below. Please note the PDF document is 10.1 MB in size and therefore the download might take several minutes on some computers.

Or you can also use the Page by Page Easy Read Document (requires Adobe Flash Player). click here

PDF Version (10.1m) Easy Read Vesion


Screening Sellouts

During Prefestival Sales, check this page often to monitor Festival screening sellouts.


Film Title

Start Time


Love is Strange

10:00 AM


Living is Easy With Eyes Closed

12:25 PM