Reel Manners

Each year more and more people join the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival experience.  A growing audience ensures the Festival will remain vibrant but also presents some challenges. The Rehoboth Beach Film Society Board of Directors remain committed to maintaining an “access for everyone” philosophy, as the community spirit of the 5-day Festival is what we all enjoy. This year we are launching a Reel Manners campaign at the Festival based on the following core goals:

Reel Manners messages will be placed in the Tent and theater reminding us of expected conduct and courtesies.  Your ongoing cooperation will help in many ways and will be most appreciated.



The Festival ticketing process has been restructured. Please check here for complete information.


SEAT SAVING: Save ONE and be done        

Once in the theater, each person, regardless of membership level, is allowed to save one seat.  Please follow this rule.  At some point during the Festival, we all will have the experience of appreciating this courtesy when looking for a seat.  Thank you.
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EXIT through the rear…keep the hallways clear!

It’s a fact, the Fire Marshall can indeed shut the Festival down due to unsafe, overcrowded hallways.  Please cooperate with volunteers when they ask you to exit out to the parking lot.  Thank you.
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RESPECT Volunteers because a Festival without volunteers is like a November without a Festival!

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society is a volunteer organization.  Without volunteers, we have no Festival. Please be respectful of volunteers by following their requests and directions.  Thank you.


Thanks for your cooperation!


Thank you Dr. Andrew Sharma and Salisbury University students for producing the Reel Manners videos.