The Rehoboth Beach Film Society and the Lewes Public Library are proud to sponsor this series which features critically acclaimed, award-winning, international independent films.




Wednesday, May 4 at 7:00 pm
Location: Cinema Art Theater, 17701 Dartmouth Drive, #2, Dartmouth Plaza, Lewes (map)
Admission: Free and opened to the public but donations are encouraged.

The year is 1916 and World War l is coming to the Ottoman Empire. Theeb (Wolf in Arabic) lives in a remote Bedouin village where custom dictates strangers be treated with generosity. When a blue-eyed Englishmen arrives asking for help, Theeb embarks on a perilous desert journey to guide the Brit to a secret destination. Though just a young boy, Theeb quickly understands that to survive he must embrace the attributes of his namesake, the wolf.  Beautifully staged and filmed, Theeb showcases dramatic desert landscapes and won a Jury Prize for Best Cinematography and Artistic Direction at the Cairo International Film Festival. Theeb was also an OSCAR® nominee finalist for Best Foreign Language Film. Nadine Ajaka of The Atlantic says, “Theeb is the tiny-film-that-could, shot on a shoestring budget and starring actual Bedouins ad-libbing on screen in probably the most authentically Jordanian movie, well, maybe ever.” [Jordan, 2015, Runtime: 100 minutes, In Arabic with English sub-titles, Not Rated]