The Rehoboth Beach Film Society and the Rehoboth Beach Public Library invite film enthusiasts to critique literary and cinematic storytelling. Every month Read a Movie participants will read in advance a little-known short story that provided the basis for a very well-known film. Then, on the second Wednesday of every month, beginning at 4:00 pm, participants will meet at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library to screen the film and share thoughts about how well—or not so well—the story was expanded to the big screen.



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High Noon

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 4:00 pm
Location: Rehoboth Beach Public Library
Admission: Admission to this film series is free and open to the public.

Winner of five OscarsĀ®, this 1952 box-office hit is considered by many to be the best Western ever made. Expounded on by the director’s real life experiences with the McCarthy Commission, it’s ultimately a tale of heroism and moral and civic responsibility. The film opens as trouble is descending on the town of Hadleyville. Just married lawman, Will Kane (Gary Cooper) is about to retire and start a new life with his bride, Amy (Grace Kelly). As the two are leaving, the marshal learns an outlaw is arriving on the noon train to settle an old score with him. Amy wants to flee but Kane feels honor bound to stay. He tries to recruit deputies to help in the town’s defense but one by one, the citizens refuse. As the clock ticks its way towards noon, Kane realizes he must face the outlaw alone. Says Reelviews film critic James Berardinelli, “‘High Noon’places many facets of human nature under the microscope. The deeper one looks, the more it has to offer. But the real elements to applaud are the acting, the script, and the direction, all of which are top-notch.” [1952, US, Runtime: 85 min, Rated PG].

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Eat at Dos LocosAfter each session, have dinner at the nearby Dos Locos restaurant where Read A Movie participants will receive a 15 percent discount (excluding already discounted items/specials).