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Artisan Workshop: Steve Rogers

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Film Description:

The Artisan Workshop: Steve Rogers presents a primer on painting by contemporary, veteran marine-artist, Steve Rogers. In this episode, Steve displays his painting process from initial concept to finished work. [2018, US, Runtime: 42 mins.]

This episode also features a biography of the artist, and his advice to aspiring painters.

Refreshments will be served before the screening, which will be followed by a post screening Q&A session with Steve Rogers.

The Artisan Workshop is an ongoing series by Producer and Director Dr. Len Shyles. The purpose of the series is to “… reveal the creative process of artists and artisans at work.” Dr. Shyles invited Steve Rodgers to collaborate on the project which took two months.

Other films in this series include:

  • Artisan Workshop: Harry Havnoonian  introduces a custom bicycle frame designer.
  • Artisan Workshop: Robert Bedford  features a concert pianist and teacher who uses the Alexander Technique in his teaching and performance.

Filmmaker Bio:

Dr. Len Shyles has a PhD in Communication from the Ohio State University. He has been a video writer-producer-director-editor for over thirty years producing videos on a continuing basis while teaching video production at the university level. His work has aired on PBS television stations and cable channels. He is the author of The Art of Video: video production in the digital age. Dr. Shyles recently retired as an Associate Professor at Villanova University’s Department of Communications.


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  • $15.00 General

Please purchase tickets at the theater as online ticket sales for this screening are now closed. (Door sales start 30 minutes before screenings.)

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