Artwork Contest Background

Recognizing the significant population of talented artists living and working in southern coastal Delaware, in 2008 the Rehoboth Beach Film Society decided to engage the talents of the art community in a competitive submission process. Artists were asked to create an original piece of artwork with film and coastal Delaware in mind. The selected piece would then be integrated into the Festival theme for that year and featured in programs, posters, t-shirts, ads, and many other collateral materials.

The thought that involving local artists would add more meaning to the Festival artwork theme for film buffs and local residents proved to be so true. This process is not only a great opportunity for the Festival to benefit from local talents, it also provides unbeatable exposure for the chosen artist.

Now in its eleventh year, the Art Submission Contest has become a regular tradition of the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival. The overall creativity and quality of the submissions improve each year which makes the selection process very challenging, but also enjoyable. The Film Society appreciates the work from all submitting artists as each piece illustrates a very creative approach to connecting the theme of film with the coastal area.



2017 Festival Featured Artist

Damon Pla

Below we present the 2017 featured artist as well as artists from previous years.

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society is pleased to announce that Damon Pla’s acrylic on canvas titled Castaway was selected as the art theme for the 20th anniversary of the Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival. Castaway will be the theme of the poster, program, ads, t-shirts, and other collateral materials. The July release of the poster is much anticipated throughout coastal Sussex County.

When asked to explain his inspiration for submitting this year’s original piece, Damon replied “In Castaway I envisioned a camera shipwreck, haunted by a collection of old films that were lost in an ocean of time. The film reel sea monster below subconsciously controls where the camera points and what it captures.” Damon’s work was also selected in 2011 and 2013.

Born in South Florida, Damon Pla was drawn to express himself through art at an early age. Upon completing various portfolio classes in high school, his advanced drawing and painting skills led him to pursue commercial and private commissions soon after graduation. After a decade of large scale projects throughout Florida and neighboring regions, the largely self-taught artist moved to Delaware to absorb a different landscape. In talking about his overall style of work, Damon says “In my paintings, I explore landscapes and surreal compositions to provoke thought and meditation. My artwork consistently exposes my obsession for the late afternoon light and the subtlety of both cool and warm ambient spaces.”

Bids for the original “Castaway” will be accepted during the Film Festival (November 2 – 12, 2017) through a silent auction process. 


Previous Featured Artists and Artwork

2016: K.E. Jiminez

2015: Steve Drum

2014: Claudia Ratner

2013: Daman Pla

2012: Laura Ambler

2011: Damon Pla

2010: Nina Stamus

2009: Batenga Obuseh

2008: Faith Lord

See previous years’ artwork here.

2018 Festival Call for Entries

If you are interested in participating, click here to read Artwork Contest Call for Entries.



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