Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival • November 1–11, 2018 57 JOHN & JAMES JOHN & JAMES is an intimate portrait of the cross-cultural bond between Baltimore’s iconic Arabbers and a community of rural Pennsylvania Mennonites. United by a love of horses and decades of doing business at the New Holland auction, they finally break bread together. In loving memory of John Cave. (M. Holden Warren, 2018, USA, 11 min) A NIGHT AT THE GARDEN In 1939, over 20,000 Americans rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism. (Marshall Curry, 2017, USA, 7 min) THE PAINTINGS PAINT THEMSELVES For the past 20 years, New York based, self-taught artist Bill Mayer has been creating an exuberant and startling body of work. Mayer invites us to his studio for an intimate look at his art as formal practice, expressive therapy and a way to create the worlds he wants to see. (James Hollenbaugh, 2017, USA, 6 min) TOMNODDY Pioneer soap bubble entertainer Tom Noddy has taken his act around the world for over thirty years, conjuring fleeting beauty as he tries to stay true to himself and his art. (Charles Poekel, 2018, USA, 13 min) WHILE I YET LIVE Five acclaimed African American quilters from Gee’s Bend, Alabama, talk about love, religion and the fight for civil rights as they continue the tradition of quilting that originally brought them together. (Maris Curran, 2018, USA, 15 min) USA SHO RT DOCS