Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival • November 1–11, 2018 72 Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival • November 1–11, 2018 Please add your comments for each category below: 5 Film Selection (quality, variety, etc.) Comments Suggestions 6 Festival Catalog (ease of use, content, organization) Comments Suggestions 7 Website (ease of use, content, etc.) Comments Suggestions 8 Online Ticket Purchasing (ordering, payment, etc.) Comments Suggestions 9 Film Presentation (sound, visual quality, etc.) Comments Suggestions 10 Theater Audience Management (crowd control, seating process, etc.) Comments Suggestions 11 Merchandise (variety, quality, pricing, etc.) Comments Suggestions THANK YOU! Please visit us at for information on upcoming events. FILM FESTIVAL FEEDBACK The Rehoboth Beach Film Society strives to improve the Film Festival each year. As an attendee, your comments can help enrich and improve this event. Thank you for taking a few moments to complete this survey. 1 How did you hear about the Film Festival? Please check all that apply: ◽ Emails   ◽ Posters   ◽ Radio Ads   ◽ Newspaper Ads   ◽ Facebook   ◽ Website   ◽ Twitter   ◽ Other (please specify) ________________________ 2 Zip code for primary residence: ____________. 3 Age (check one)   ◽ 18–35   ◽ 36–50   ◽ 51–65   ◽ 66–80   ◽ 81+ 4 Are you a member of the Rehoboth Beach Film Society?   ◽ Yes   ◽ No FILM FESTIVAL FEEDBAC K