Cinema Art Theater COVID-19 Practices

Like many other businesses, the Rehoboth Beach Film Society needs to make sure that our customers feel safe in our venue, and we also need to generate revenue to financially survive. We recognize that each person needs to make an individual decision regarding his/her comfort level with participating in activities outside one’s home during this challenging period.


Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization devices have been installed in addition to HEPA Merv Filters (7 at a time) in both of our HVAC systems at the Cinema Art Theater. These devices will help improve indoor air quality through the removal of gaseous and particulate contaminants in the air. The entire venue will experience the benefits of this installation.


The Rehoboth Beach Film Society wants every customer to know that we are doing the most we can to provide safety and comfort for our patrons and we ask you to assist with these efforts while enjoying quality films:

  1. Masks must be worn inside this venue at all times by people who are not fully vaccinated. In response to recent CDC guideline changes regarding protection from the Delta variant, and an increase in new COVID-19 cases in Delaware, fully vaccinated people are strongly encouraged to wear masks as well. Your cooperation is appreciated as it helps keep everyone safe.
  2. A plexiglass screen barrier has been installed at the ticket sales area for staff, volunteer, and patron protection.
  3. Hand sanitizer at the ticket sales counter is available to use.
  4. With a safe, reduced seating plan in place, patrons are encouraged to purchase admission in advance. If seats are available, admission can be purchased at the Cinema Art Theater starting 30 minutes before each film starts.
  5. Currently bottled water is the only beverage available to purchase; no soda.
  6. All of our candy and food are in sealed packaging and will be available for purchase. Our volunteers will wear disposable gloves while handling concessions.
  7. Only 42 seats in the Main Theater will be available for admission for every screening. Only 13 seats in the JEMS Theater will be available for purchase for every screening.
  8. Frequently touched contact points, including seats, door handles, railings, faucets, etc. are cleaned before and after each screening.
  9. To ensure safe social distancing, a seating plan has been marked with seats that are not available to use.
  10. Air circulating fans in the theaters will be running continuously while films are showing.
  11. Paper towels have been installed in restrooms.
  12. We follow the DE Division of Small Business’ COVID-19 Customer Protection Standards.
  13. We follow NATO’s Cinema Safe COVID-19 Guidelines.

The above mentioned practices will enable all to enjoy independent films comfortably and as safe as possible. Again, welcome back and thank you in advance for your support.

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