Bowman Endowment

The Film Society has been very fortunate to receive assistance from committed and generous individuals, including Glenn Bowman. Glenn was a Board member whose love of independent film was amazing. During the Film Society’s early years, Glenn chaired the Summer Film Review process, five days a week. He didn’t just turn the projector on, he previewed each film, researched additional information about each film, and prepared background summaries to make the screeners more aware of the film’s history. Once films were selected for the Festival, Glenn helped write descriptions for the event’s program. As a retired public school teacher, Glenn became the Film Society’s educator. During Glenn’s term on the Board, he assisted with many other projects and his input helped steer the Film Society’s course of growth.

Glenn’s untimely death in September of 2001 was a tremendous loss to the Film Society. But even with his passing, Glenn continued to give generously to this organization. As part of his estate, Glenn made a financial donation to the Film Society. The Film Society’s Board of Directors decided to establish the Glenn C. Bowman Endowment Fund in honor of Glen’s generosity. The fund is being managed by the Delaware Community Foundation which has a long history of managing endowment funds for not-for-profit organizations, individuals, and corporations throughout the state.

The Glenn C. Bowman Endowment Fund is used to support community participation initiatives, primarily outreach efforts which Glenn saw as part of the Film Society’s mission. Part of the Bowman Fund was used to support the creation of the Cinema Art Theater, a project that Glenn would think is a great outreach to the community.

The Film Society invites film enthusiasts, supporters of the Film Society, and friends of Glenn Bowman to make donations to the Glenn C. Bowman Endowment Fund. It is through donor generosity, and the future generosity of others, that the Film Society will be able to continue Glenn’s efforts to bring independent films to Delaware.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Glenn Bowman Endowment Fund, click here to make a donation online, or send a check to RBFS, 107 Truitt Ave., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. All donations are tax deductible. Your support is appreciated.

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